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Sprint Customer Service Phone Number

Sprint Corporation is a telecommunications holding and internet carrier company. Based in the United States, Sprint is the third leading wireless services Provider Company. Founded in 1899, Sprint headquarters are found in Overland Park, Kansas and United States, and it is known of serving United States, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands. Products include Wireless communications, Internet services, wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services. All these have been managed through various subsidiaries under the Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless brands, as well as wholesale access to its wireless networks to mobile virtual network operators.

Sprint communication is a multinational American company which is a telecommunication based company which provides endless wireless services such as internet etc. Sprint is the one of the biggest telephone operator company in the United States of America and has more than 50 million subscribers in the United States itself. First let us know about the fact when the root of sprint which is a million dollar company was established in the year 1899. Back then this company was established in order to provide calling facilities in the rural areas of some areas in America. Then in the year 2006 this company extended its arms in the landline department of telecommunications and from there it never looked back. The best part about sprint communications is that it is not only limited till America but in the year 1993 it stepped into Canada. Even in Canada sprint focused on providing mobile services and internet service. Sprint was successful in establishing Sprint Canada which was a revolutionary step in the history of Sprint communications. Let us keep all this aside and now lets us tell you about one of the main reasons about the growth of sprint communications. The reason was that it merged with Nextel communications which is also another big name in telecommunication field and they both together went together to form sprint Nextel cooperation.

Sprint is a multinational telecommunication company which provides endian customers. Sprint also provide broadband services and also has some of its subsidiaries as virgin mobiles, boost mobiles etc. Sprint basically started back in the year 1899 to provide telephone services in the nearby rural area and now it has a reach of more than 50 nations of the world. In order to deal on such a vast scale one needs to hire lots and lots of technical professionals. In order to tackle endless number of problems and the staff needs to be highly trained and should know how to tackle the most complicated problems. So in order to get the best results out of it, the heads of the sprint customer service invest a lots of resources and efforts on their in training of their employees. Firstly they take an interview in which all the skills of a single personality are reflected such as speaking skills their way of tackling with different kind of problems and their innovation and interest about the service and the company.

Sprint is 4th biggest wireless carrier in US. Easiest way to contact them by phone is to dial *2 on your Sprint phone or call one of these two numbers: 866-866-7509 or also try 888-211-4727 to get in touch with Sprint phone support.

Sprint Customer Service phone numbers

Sprint New Service & Sales                                    1-844-661-2213
New and Existing Customers                                  1-888-211-4727
Existing  Customers                                               1-866-866-7509
Account questions                                                 800-927-2199
Company Support                                                 866-313-6672

For Sprint International Support Contact

U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands                 888-226-7212
Outside US                                                            817-698-4199
Canada                                                                 1-866-805-9890
France                                                                  1-866-634-3843
Germany                                                               0800-180-0951
Mexico                                                                  001-877-294-9003
Italy                                                                     800-787-986
United Kingdom                                                     0808-234-6616
Toll number for all other countries                          +1-817-698-4199

For Sprint Wireless and Landline number

Make a Sprint Phone  Card call                                 800-366-2255
Refresh a Sprint Prepaid Card                                  800-366-0707

Wireline services                                                     877-877-8748

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