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Cristiano Ronaldo Cr7 Contact Details Email Whatsapp is here

Cristiano Ronaldo, Also known as Cr7 is a Portugal professional football player who also plays for World's Top Football Club Juventus. Cr7 has 5 balloon'dor trophies in his bag which are given to the best footballer every year. He has over 135 million fans on both Facebook & Instagram. Ronaldo also gets paid heavily for posting posts on social networking sites.

His Fans will be always looking forward to meeting him, get t-shirts signed by him but it happens very rarely. Some lucky fans will get their T-shirts signed while Some may not. 
The best way to contact Cr7 is to simply mail him or Send Ur T-shirts or Autograph books to get is signed. The Mails will not directly reach to him tough. It will be checked by his Agents or Juventus employees & they will decide whether it should be pass to Cristiano Ronaldo or no.
Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't have shared any of his contact details for his fans, But its just we need to contact him via his agents. Following are some Contact details of Cristiano Ronaldo which you can refer.

How to Contact Cristiano Ronaldo? Write this in your letter Envelope.

Juventus F.C.
Attention to - Cristiano Ronaldo
Juventus football club S.p.a.
via Druento, 175
10151 Torino

For a map, Click here!

If u wish to write him a mail, U can write to

If you get lucky, You will get back a response, and that will be a lifetime of happiness for Cristiano Ronaldo's fan. Why not try? Try sending him your love and wishes.
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  1. Hallo Cristiano Ronaldo good morning how are you doing my name EBRAHIM Ceesay am from Gambia West Afrca but am living Germany right now I am your Really Fans since Manchester United club old Trafford I am Manchester United fans but I want contact with you Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United former players Cristiano Ronaldo best players in the world if can't forget you that's what do you say about Manchester United club can you text me my WhatsApp number please Cristiano Ronaldo interview love you always and your family +4915218219826

  2. HELLO:

  3. hello cristiano ronaldo my name is Ibraheem Olamilekan i am from nigeria i am one of your real fans since sporting lisbon, i want to talk to you on facebook how can i get your real facebook username

  4. Hi Ronaldo I'm 13 year old my dream is to play football can you please help me I'm from the county Surinam from South America please help me why can I not be famous like you how u help nty people so u can help me if u want to help me to play football u can also add me on Facebook: vishaal deonaDeon

  5. Ronaldo What's app Number Send me

  6. Indeed,cr7 is d greatest of all time player,I love u,expecting u to score hatrick 3 this weekend of luck,I will like to talk or chat with u,+2348107824943#I rep aquarius

  7. Ronaldo I am akshat from india my dream is to become like you please I have played a lot of matches and all I have won because of you when I was unavailable to score a gaol I started thinking of you and as I think of you I score a goal please Ronaldo if you can come to India than please come to my home please please I request you I saw your video on YouTube that when football starts respect I saw that your security was now leting one of your fan to take a selfie than you came and you took a selfie with him please come to INDIA AND PLEASE I EANT TO MEET WITH YOU

  8. Hello cr7 I really love you too much just now I am really crying to get your phone number.You are my inspiration to play football. Now a days I am going in football accdmy to become like you. My aim is to become like you, a great football player in the world. My aim is to also meat you or to see you from far away also .I'm your biggest fan in the world. For many nights I have not sleep because I am crying to meet you .I love you too much
    You are my heart beat Ronaldo

  9. Hi christiano Ronaldo you knie i love u with all my heart I'm 14years old hope you accept my greetings love you

  10. Ronaldo I want your number please
    You must move to Manchester United Or Paris Saint Germain

  11. I need ur contact please cr7

  12. Hi my football father lengend Ronaldo lovely son how are you doing I'm truly fan of you much love

  13. Hi sir I am a big fan of you sir