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Selena gomez contact whatsapp number, Email and Address - Here you go!

If you are a Selenator, you should be eagerly waiting to meet her. and yes, every fan wants her to meet. Meeting her can be difficult but "Nothing is impossible" if you give your 100%.

Selena Gomez is one of the most talented singers across the globe. she also is a producer and gets involved in the charity works. she is the 2nd most followed person (140m) on social media Instagram.   

 There are some ways by which you can Meet Selena Gomez. they are not as easy as you think, but if it's your luck is good, then you will end up meeting her.
  • Attend the events she planned for. Yes, it looks quite difficult but this is your chance to meet her.
  • If you are terminally ill, and your biggest wish is to meet Selena Gomez, you can make a request through Make-A-Wish foundation. Go through the conditions of Make-A-Wish foundation before that.
  • Selena involves more in charity works as well as with UNICEF. Get involved in some charity works and maybe Selena could cross through your paths.
  • Write her on Social media accounts. Yes, this is the Easiest way to connect with her, But since Selena gets tons of Notes every day, she may not able to reach out to everyone. so simply try your luck.

    Facebook - @selenagomez
    - @selenagomez                          
  • Twitter - @selenagomez
  • Youtube - @selenagomez

  • You can also write to her Agents or Managers and arrange the meeting with her. But before that, Agents will verify the cause and then they may sanction the meeting. This is rare, but still, you can give it a try.
  • Watch Disney channels. They announce contests by which you will able to meet her or will be given chance to attend his concerts live for free. this has happened with many of her fans.