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IBPS Exams Recruitment Helpline number and FAQs

IBPS - Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is an Autonouns body. IBPS is a premier organization in the field of employment selection. IBPS conducts Online examination to place the aspirants in the banking sectors. The test comprises of Quantitative aptitude, English, GK, Reasoning, etc as per the Banking Demands.
              IBPS's Philosophy is based on "Speed, Accuracy, and Confidentiality".
IBPS provides its services in Banking sectors like SBI, RBI, NABARD, SIDBI, Regional rural banks, Insurance banks, state-owned companies and some of the small Co-op banks. it is now also serving to PSUs like CWC and FCI. Some of the universities are also using IBPS services to fulfill their Admission process in a real Quick.

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About IBPS Exams

IBPS 2019 notification is expected to release on the 1st week of August 2019. A large number of aspirants appear IBPS PO exam every year. Those who are serious, have already started the IBPS PO exam preparation well. This exam needs thorough practice and in-depth knowledge of the subjects.
Aspirants need to understand the exam, pattern, and syllabus of IBPS PO well. If you go through previous years IBPS PO exam cut-offs, you will find it increasing year by year. The reason for increasing cutoffs is that the serious aspirants are in the race to achieve their place in IBPS PO post. Well, it's obvious. So to face and compete in the IBPS PO exam race, you have to be very consistent, which will surely lead to success and get through the IBPS PO for sure.

Proper planning and guidance can surely help you to succeed IBPS PO exam. We have listed some most important strong Mantras which can get you through IBPS PO exam 2019. These Mantras aspirants need to follow through the journey.

1. Read the notification, Pattern, and syllabus carefully.

Aspirants must read IBPS PO notification carefully. It includes all the necessary details about the exam, documents, eligibility, etc. Detailed exam syllabus and pattern will be given. Study it thoroughly.

2.Know about the IBPS PO 2019 exam

IBPS PO exam will be conducted in online mode.
The exam will be comprised of quantitative aptitude, reasoning, general awareness, and English.

3. Choose Good study materials and books IBPS exam 2019 preparation.

The selection of study materials and books are very important for an aspirant in the initial stage. One should always refer the syllabus to select a good book just to make sure the IBPS PO syllabus subjects are fully included in it.
For each subject, Practice with one or two books is enough, but make sure you practice it completely.
Always give first priority to the books, then go for other resources like online notes and PDF.
You may also study online lecture videos, Coaching notes, Forums, etc.

4. The best time management for IBPS PO exam

Out of 24 hours, time management is important. You should allow time for the subjects and practice them thoroughly. It's better to start with easy topics, which will give you a boost in the start-up. Starting with difficult topics will lower your confidence. So make a time table that will help you to practice accordingly. Time table you make must be suitable and should be divided into different subjects. Make sure all the syllabus must be covered in your time table. You will then understand how much time is needed for each topic to solve. Believe me, if you get adapted to this, then your dream to IBPS PO exam super success is definitely possible. So the time table and time management are very important.

*Super mantras to score in Quantitative Aptitude

If attempted with accuracy, this section of IBPS PO exam will fetch you maximum marks. You will improve your accuracy if practiced more with hard work. You will improve Quantitative aptitude if practiced rigorously. Sometimes this section involves lengthy calculations, as the time management is important in IBPS PO exam, If your skills and calculations are perfect and fast enough, you can get through this section. Following are some points that will help you to score more. This section has 20 minutes to solve all the questions.

1. Identify your strength and weakness

Learn the basics and solve it. After that keep a timer and solve some other questions. This will help you understand time management and time required to solve the particular section. Understand the question and try to write the equations. Writing equations are important for which you should also know formulas of the particular sections. By practicing by you'll learn about the strong and weaker sections. Give more time for weaker sections and try improving it. At the same time, you should also improve your time to solve. You should make a habit of solving 3 questions in 2 minutes. This will happen only if you improve your speed and accuracy of solving. Refer to previous years which will make you understand about the pattern and type of questions asked. At the same time solve model and previous years question papers as much as you can.

2. Try tricks and avoid calculations.

In Quantitative Aptitude, most of the time is spent in calculations. You need not have to do all the calculations with a pen. Some small calculations including additional, subtraction, division and multiplication, etc should be done in your mind. Other calculations like square roots, cube roots, a percentage are to directly, only if you can learn square roots and cube roots from 1 to 30. Learn simple tricks or use Vedic maths. This will help you in speed up and usually saves time which you can utilize it for other lengthy calculations.

3. Practice the concepts regularly

Once you clear your concept, you need to practice again and again. Solve different types of problems related to the concept. There are lots of resources available online, where you can get more number of questions. This not only makes you perfect but also improves your speed and confidence. Please note that you have to clear the whole concept, then only practicing will be fun. If your basics are weak, then it will be difficult to master in a particular topic.

*Super mantras to score in Reasoning Ability

This section is quite lengthy but is a section of scoring. If you prepare well in this section, then you hit the jackpot for sure. This section contains Puzzles, syllogism, coding-decoding, inequalities, blood relations, etc. In this section, Inequalities and syllogism are very easy and just requires 1 day to clear and you can easily score 5-8 marks in less time. This section has 20 minutes to solve all the questions.
Now let's look at those keys which can be helpful to get through IBPS PO exam Reasoning Ability.

1. Look at the strong and the weak section

The parameters for improving here is as same as Quantitative Aptitude section. This section contains Puzzles, syllogism, coding-decoding, inequalities, blood relations, etc. In this section, Inequalities, syllogism decision making, etc. The section of puzzles is lengthy. Puzzles include Seating arrangments, Circular and floor-based puzzles, etc. Practice this section, which will make you understand about your strength and weakness points. But once you start practicing, you will definitely love it. The concept is very easy it's just you perfect understanding about the concept is required. Other then Puzzles, all the sections are less time consuming and easy to score. Just regular practice is required.

2. Concentrate on logical ability

It's easy. If you practice more and more, you will easily understand the logic behind framing any question. The mainframe of any puzzle here is language. The difficulty of any puzzle is based on its language and number of possibilities. Any reasoning questions can be solved if you practice such questions which will give u an idea about the mainframe of it. If you have good reading and retain ability skills, you shall get through any problems. You are insisted to solve as many questions as possible. This will increase your confidence and it will easily solve any questions.

3. Practice miscellaneous questions

Aspirants concentrate more on puzzle questions, while they ignore miscellaneous questions. Miscellaneous questions comprise of syllogism, coding-decoding, inequalities, blood relations, etc. Practicing these questions will fetch you good marks because these questions are small and don't take much time. You can solve these type of questions when the IBPS PO exam is near, like just a week ago. But you need to also practice these questions and refer previous years IBPS PO question papers which will make you understand the method and time to solve the question. It is recommended to solve the miscellaneous questions first and then the puzzles. Again, time management is a factor here. If you solve these questions quickly, it will help you give extra time to solve the Puzzle questions.

* Super mantras to score in the English language

Many aspirants do not prepare the English language as it is undermined by aspirants. The student does not prepare this section up to the mark to score good marks. But IBPS has introduced sectional timing for each section which makes this section as must attempt section, which will determine in your final IBPS PO exam results.
To score more in the English language, you should have good reading skills. Here are some keys which will improve your English reading skills and help you get good marks.

1. Ready the English newspaper daily

Ready English newspaper (preferably The Hindu) is a good remedy for all the English related problems. This is a fact and proven method of improving reading ability. This will help in improving your vocabulary, general awareness, Comprehension, general knowledge, reading ability, and grammar. Highlight the difficult words and look for its meaning. Use those difficult words in framing new sentences on your own. Make the habit of reading an English newspaper every day, believe me, you will get positive results.

2. Improve your English grammar

You should be familiar with Adjectives, noun, pronouns, Conjunction, prepositions, verb, etc. But if you are not, then please learn it well. Bcoz these all are the important part of English grammar which is used to frame the sentences. Again, Reading newspaper will help you to improve your English grammar. Make a habit of writing sentences on your own which will help you to frame sentences. Read some grammar Rules which are available online or refer A Grammar book. This should be difficult for you. Practice more and more of previous year IBPS PO exam question papers, this will help you to understand the types of questions, which will be asked.

3. Please Avoid guess works in exam

In IBPS PO exams, there will be a negative marking, which is a major setback. Aspirants assume the answers and answer it just to increase their number of attempts. By doing this they will lose marks. The English language is easy but it's difficult to get all the questions correct. So avoid assuming the answers and mark only the answers you know with good accuracy, otherwise, you will face a penalty in marks which will indirectly cost you in the results.

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