KFC Dharwad, KFC in Dharwad, KFC Dharwad Menu and Address

KFC Dharwad is Located on the Hubli - Dharwad road. KFC in Dharwad provides good quality food items. They Serve Veg and NonVeg burgers also. Most Loved Fried and crispy chicken is provided here. It is open on all the days (Just check once). Friends from college, Companies, and school gather here for delicious chicken fry. Now let us explore for frequent searches by people of Dharwad regarding KFC Dharwad, KFC Dharwad menu, Dharwad KFC.

KFC Dharwad, KFC Dharwad menu, Dharwad KFC

KFC Dharwad Menu:

KFC Dharwad Offers Both Veg and Non veg food items.

KFC Dharwad Menu Veg:
1. Veg Zinger Burger - Starts from Rs.160/-
2. Medium Fries - Starts from Rs.90/-
3. Veg rice Bowls - Starts from Rs.150/-
4. 2pc Veg patty - Starts from Rs.140/-
5. Large Fries, Pepsi PET, Pepsi tin, 7up, Mirinda, Red Bull, etc.

KFC Dharwad Menu Non-veg:
1. Hot Chicken Wings 4pc Starts from Rs.150/-
2. Bucket saver combo - Starts from Rs.650/-
3. Chicken and Krispers Combo - Starts from Rs.500/-
4. Large popcorns - Starts from Rs.220/-
5. Class Chicken Zinger - Starts from Rs.170/-
6. Popcorn and Rice Bowl combo - Starts from Rs. 160/-
7. Other combos and offers if any

( The above Menu and price may differ as per daily market trends. Please verify the price on your visit date to KFC Dharwad by Contacting KFC Dharwad contact number)

KFC Dharwad Location:
Near CTS No 142 A/3, GRT Square, Court Circle, Hubli road, Dharwad - 580001
KFC Dharwad Timings:
Open all days in a week from 11 am to 11 pm.

KFC Dharwad Delivery options:
KFC Dharwad offers Delivery Takeaways and through Zomato and Swiggy.

KFC Dharwad:
Started in 2021, Restaurant chain KFC is known worldwide for its Fried Chicken buckets Hot wings, Fries, and Other delicious burgers. KFC Dharwad has a well-trained Cooking staff and a very welcoming staff. It is not a too-busy restaurant,family friendly, Quick serve, Hygienic Restrooms, Good vibes, Music, and the Best place to hang out. If you are in Dharwad, you can hang-out in here, especially Chicken Lovers.

KFC Dharwad Payment options
In KFC Dharwad, you can pay by Cash, Mobile wallets, UPI, and Debit cards.

About KFC, it's Inventor and Success:
Colonel Harland Sanders was born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana, USA. His father died at the age of 6. When things got more serious at home, her mother started working in a factory and Sanders looked after his younger siblings. At the age of just 7, he learned to cook well. At the age of 12, his mother got married for the second time. His stepfather did not like Harland Sanders, which led him to live with his aunt and work on a farm. Sanders was studying in the seventh grade at that time and he was left out in the seventh grade.

Where Sanders had his restaurant, his restaurant broke down due to a highway exit from there. After this, another round of their struggles began. He thought why not give his recipe to the restaurant and make a profit on the sale. With this thought, he went to all the restaurants and started making deals to sell his fried chicken recipe. Wherever he went, he would be disappointed. He had to hear 'No' 1009 times. After this, he got to hear the first 'yes' and from here the journey of KFC's success started.

When Colonel Sanders got a yes from a restaurant, he started selling his chicken there and started taking some gain on the profit. He used to send packets of spices to the restaurant, which kept his recipe intelligible and at the same time gave the best taste to the people.

Under the deal, it was fortified that the Kentucky Fried Chicken Company would build its own restaurants around the world and would never compromise on quality. There was also a deal to give Sanders a salary of $ 40,000 for the rest of his life. Later his salary was increased to 75,000 dollars. After this, his company went into many hands including Reynolds and PepsiCo, and currently, the owner of this company is with 'Yum Brands Corporation'. Colonel Sanders died in 1980 at the age of 90. Colonel Sanders is no more in the world today, but his face with a special beard and western tie on KFC still does not let the KFC chicken eaters forget him. Today, KFC has more than 22,000 stores in more than 150 countries.

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