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Tesla Customer care service number. Tesla is a Giant in making electric gadgets, Cars and many wonder stuff which helps in keep our Globe Environmental friendly. Founded by Elan Musk, The name Tesla is kept after the Electrical Engineer " Nikola Tesla". As Tesla spreading its wings all over the world, it also has expanded it service centers. 

Tesla cars are liked all over the world and it is the world's top leading electric car manufacturer. The entry of Tesla electric cars in India is going to happen soon. Let us tell you that there are hundreds of electric car manufacturers around the world, but till now no company's car has been able to overtake Tesla. The reason behind this is the features provided in Tesla's electric cars, due to which it is more hi-tech than other electric cars in the market. Not only this, it is also a value for money car, due to which there is a lot of demand for these cars all over the world, which is also increasing continuously. Today in this news, we are going to tell you about some unique features offered in Tesla cars, due to which it is called the world's most popular electric tax. Tesla Customer care service number

The Autopilot mode:
Like any aircraft, Tesla cars have an Auto Pilot mode, with the help of which the driver can drive without touching the steering. This mode is very accurate and with its help the driver can drive tirelessly during long journeys. Many other cars also have features like auto pilot, although the auto pilot mode of Tesla cars is as accurate as in other cars. In such a situation, it is the world's first best auto pilot electric car.
Tesla Customer care service number

Range of accuracy
In many electric cars, you must have noticed that even after driving properly and charging the battery properly, the car does not offer the range as claimed by the company. In such a situation, after going some distance, the car battery gets discharged and if no charging station is found on the way, then you can get into a lot of trouble. Tesla cars do not have such a problem and if you drive the car properly then you get very good range accuracy.
Tesla Customer care service number

Tesla: the iPhone of electric vehicles or just another car company? |  Financial Times

Key-less access
You don't need a key like any other car to access Tesla cars. The company offers you a Tesla car with the car, with the help of which you can lock and unlock your car as well as access some of its other features. This feature is being offered in Tesla cars for years. Along with this, if you want, with the help of the company's mobile app, you can also access your car and use many of its features with the help of the phone itself. 

Tesla Customer care service number:
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