Nikita Sharma Height, Boyfriend, Instagram (Motivational Speaker)

Nikita Sharma is an influencing, Motivational Speaker, 6-Time TEDxSpeaker, and Fitness model. Nikita Sharma is a Microbiologist and holds a triple major in microbiology, Chemistry, and Zoology. Nikita Sharma embarked on a fitness transformation journey. In three years, she lost 30kgs which made her Fitness expert. Niki started her dream project ‘Silver Lining’ to support cancer crusading and to reform research based on early detection and diagnosis. She also became a top finalist in Miss India and won the titles of Miss Vivacious South 2016 and Miss Refreshing beauty 2017. She also advertises fitness products and jewelers. Nikita Sharma is also Felicitated with the "Young woman achievers award" By the International Women empowerment conclave. Nikita Sharma can be a Role model for many of the girls out there with Body positive thinking.

Nikita Sharma Height, Boyfriend, Instagram and Contact
Nikita Sharma is also a fun-loving girl. She is very close to her Mother Chavi Sharma, Her Father Mr. Sharma, and her Brother Sankalp Sharma. Nikita is Often Seen posting Reels, Videos, Fitness posts, and Photos on the Social media platform Instagram. Nikita Sharma is active on Social media and never misses a chance to keep her fans and followers updated with her day-to-day life. This made her a fast-growing celebrity on Instagram with Over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. This make fans curious about Nikita Sharma Height, Boyfriend, Instagram and Contact.

Nikita Sharma lives in Bangalore. Nikita Sharma is also a body-positive advocate. She gives fitness talks on the body positively. She motivates her fans by posting Fitness posts and giving messages to those who feel ashamed of their body. As mentioned before, Nikita Sharma can be a role model to many, and a girl role model to many who wants to pursue a career in microbiology.

Nikita Sharma's parents are also very free and fun-loving like her daughter Nikita. They are often seen enjoying a lot in the posts shared by Nikita Sharma. They are seen having fun in holiday destinations together. Most of their holidays are spent in the Maldives as it is the favorite Designation of Nikita Sharma. Both Daughter-Mother seems to have lots of fun in their instagram post. The best part is Nikita's Parents are been always supporting Nikita in every part of her life.

Nikita Sharma Height:
Nikita Sharma is tall like her father. Nikita Sharma height is 169cms.

Nikita Sharma Weight:
Nikita Sharma is very fit and healthy. Nikita Sharma weight is not available

Nikita Sharma Boyfriend:

Beautiful Nikita Sharma is Single and Happy.

Nikita Sharma Contact:
You can connect with Nikita Sharma on social media-

  • Nikita Sharma Instagram: @nikitasharma_official
  • Nikita Sharma Facebook: @nikitasharmanutshell
  • Nikita Sharma Twitter: @hearnikiroar
  • Nikita Sharma Whatsapp: Not available

Nikita Sharma is also seen in Jio Talks. In Jio Talks, she addresses the people with some motivational speeches regarding body positive. Again, she is a role model Material for all the girls out there, who are ashamed of their body. Her speech is filled with energy and can never let anyone down. She is most loved and followed motivational fitness speaker around the world. This is why many wonder about Nikita Sharma Height, Boyfriend, Instagram and Contact.

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