Everybody has their own favorites celebrity which whom they want to take an Autographs, selfies or make wish dreams. Yes everyone does have one! here are some World famous celebrities whom you can contact! not everyone will respond, its very thin chances! But you sure have to give it a shot! Click on your favs.

  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez was raised in a Catholic. When she was 13, she wanted a Purity Ring, & her dad went to the church and got it blessed. Selena Gomez is one of the most talented singers across the globe. she also is a producer and gets involved in the charity works. she is the 2nd most followed person  on social media Instagram.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo, Also known as Cr7 is a Portugal professional football player who also plays for World's Top Football Club Juventus. Cr7 has 5 Balloon'dor trophies in his bag which are given to the best footballer every year. He has over 135 million fans on both Facebook & Instagram.

  • Justin Beiber
    Everyone knows Justin Beiber. Justin Beiber (27) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who has a huge and huge fan following all over the globe. He is one of the best singers right now with the net worth of $245 million. He gets paid around $1 million for 1 concert. He started singing at a very small age.

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift is one of the most leading Singer and Songwriter who has released numerous Albums with superhit songs which have convinced the world that she is the best till date when it comes to Music, Singing and Song play. She has a huge fan following on social media twitter, facebook Instagram, etc.
  • Garbine Muguruza
    Garbine Muguruza is the most loved and talented Professional tennis Player. She is active on Social media and keeps giving updates on her Timelines, Fitness, Food and diet, Advertisements, and other traveling getaways. Garbine Muguruza is very keen on his Fitness and also shares tips to stay fit. One can say Garbine Muguruza is the inspiration for many budding tennis players. At a very little age and time, she has achieved lots of fame and name only with her proper planning, Dedication, and hard work.